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Desi Di - Dhinchak Food : Desi by Definition

It's time for Desi to move from being a flavor, to becoming Desi Di - Dhinchak Food.

It's time to mix it up a little, just like our target demographic is doing. When a guy in Armani jeans, a khadi kurta and Crocs clogs approaches, he'd connect instantly with the stately bungalow facade and when he walks in, feel right at home in the earthy, almost gypsy vibe aesthetics. This combination of earthiness and elegance that wins them over.

That and the eclectic, incredibly creative cuisine. A no-holds-barred approach that serves up Classic Khakras with funky toppings and dips , Gulab Jamun Cheesecake and Matka Chicken cooked in a clay pot . At Desi Di, creativity isn't just in the nomenclature. Above all, What's the best part we use carefully selected locally grown ingredients in our food and some even grown in our own garden.

The name Desi Di - Dhinkchak food is meant to invoke a kind of young energy. The alliteration, or rhyme, of two Ds, the word association it has to 'DJ', the quick, sharp, sound it makes on the hard palate. Desi Di is perfect for hashtags, quick texts, and for hovering over location pins. The best part is - it's a unique name, not used before, but feels instantly, extremely familiar; your hangout place from the very first day you heard of it.

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